Retroburn Game Studios Support Games Britannia

March 5th 2012

We're excited to announce our support of Games Britannia, an initiative to improve awareness of the games industry amongst school children (and the general population) in the UK.

Our Director, Martin Caine, is currently arranging a visit to a local primary school as part of our commitment to support game development in schools with a hands on presentation. Martin will be meeting a number of children aged around 10 and 11 who have dabbled with game development during an extra-curricular computer club they attend.

Martin spoke about his reasons for getting involved with Games Britannia:
"Having three children myself I am excited to see the kind of tools that are available to young children these days to help them learn programming and game development. To some, I was a late starter having begun my programming voyage at the age of 12 on a ZX Spectrum 48k! The children I'll be meeting in a few weeks time are only 10 or 11 and have been using tools like Kodu which make learning programming and game development accessible to much younger children. These are the next generation of game designers and developers and if we are to continue the growth of the UK Games Industry we need to start here, these children are the future of our industry."

Martin hopes that this will be the first of many such visits and he hopes through a mix of demonstration, hands on playtesting, and challenge setting he can help show these children how game development isn't all about programming and show how all the creative elements are brought together to create engaging games.

Retroburn Game Studios plan to have a strong presence at Games Britannia's expo in Rotherham this July and hope to help inspire the next generation of game designers and developers in the UK.
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