Raspberry Pi Positron Beta

September 2nd 2012

Earlier this evening I posted a message on Twitter asking who'd be interested in trying out Positron on Raspberry Pi and was overwhelmed by the response after it was retweeted by so many people!

So I'm posting this here as an open invitation for any Raspberry Pi users to get in touch and join the beta and test the port of the game.

For those who don't particularly know what Positron is here's a link to a recent gameplay video showing the PC version:


I started porting the game from the existing C++/OpenGL mobile port over to run on my Raspberry PI about two weeks ago. I'm using Raspbian (fully updated through apt) and codeblocks to develop on. Thus far I have the core of the game's engine running but haven't tested much in terms of 3D yet, that will be my focus over this next week or so.

I plan to release a beta build for other Raspberry Pi users to play and test out some time next week which should hopefully offer atleast a few full levels from the PC version ported over in their entirety.

Note that the project is commercial and therefore is closed source, I will be distributing compiled binaries (not source code) so would like people to test this on different distros and I'm guessing there are quite a few in use amongst all your Raspberry Pi owners out there!

If you'd like to help beta test the game please email me (martin.caine@retroburngames.com) and I'll add you to the email list to keep you notified of developments and let you know when there are downloads available. Please mention the Positron Raspberry Pi Beta in your email and if you can let me know what distro you are using and what your typical set up is (if you're using a TV, monitor, have joystick or joypad available etc..).

For those of you also interested in development I likely will post up some dev information on my personal blog (martincaine.com) over the next few months which should help you get up and running with SDL, GL and hopefully learn to make the most of the great little GPU they packed on to the Pi!
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