Positron PC Preview

February 1st 2014

Download, unzip, and run setup.exe to install the preview.


I was planning on releasing a much larger demo today but I have run across two problems in the past 24 hours; Firstly AI bikes seem to have suddenly became very stupid, crashing in to one-another at the start of a level if I place them too close together, this is quite annoying and I need to track down the bug in my AI code. Secondly, building a nice installation package for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux is harder than it looks! I want the install to be nice and smooth so will release the demo very soon when I am happy with the installer.

This PC Preview drops you straight in to one of the larger (but easier) mazes in Positron, play it through to completion and see how fast you can complete it!


Please do come back and vote for the game if you like the preview and leave a comment. Thanks!
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