Positron PC Demo v0.8

February 25th 2012

After a whole load of tweaking and entirely redesigning the menu system in our game Positron I've finally released a small cut down demo of the game!

The demo only contains a single level (the full game contains 60) but I mostly want feedback on the general look of the game and the controls and camera movement when riding around.

If you'd like to check out the demo please head on over to the Retroburn Facebook page.

This is the first public demo of the game and I'm hoping everyone that tries the game will be able to give me some feedback and ideas. I'm spending a lot of time tweaking the game right now in preparation for launch and intend to release an updated demo on Monday the 27th featuring more levels.

A few bugs or issues that made it in to this build I should mention (as I hacked in some parts to hide certain features and game modes):

1. When riding around you can't exit the game (unless you reach the exit). You'll have to alt+F4 to get out.. sorry about that, will update it for the next build.
2. The game currently runs at your full screen desktop resolution. The next build will contain resolution settings and the ability to switch to windowed mode.
3. The installer created by Visual Studio has been zipped up for ease of download. ALL files need to be extracted to a folder somewhere before clicking on the setup.exe. Hopefully for the next build I will find an alternate installer package.

The next build will include a few more features:

1. A few levels from Arena and Race modes.
2. More maze levels.
3. Bike selection (3 bikes, each with slightly different speed and cornering settings).
4. Bike colour selection (rather than randomizing).
5. Updated UI, proper keys to exit from the game!
6. New easier installer.

So, please check out the Facebook page and send me your feedback (to support@retroburngames.com.

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