Positron now on Steam Greenlight

August 31st 2012

I'm excited to announce that Positron has been posted on Steam's new Greenlight service today.

The new Greenlight service is driven by community voting and if the game gets enough positive votes it will be considered for distribution and sale on the Steam Store.

Positron was initially developed for Xbox Live Indie Games but has since been ported to mobile platforms, PC, Mac and Linux. The Steam version will be made available to PC and Mac users and will feature PC exclusive content not available in the console or mobile versions of the game.

For further details (and to vote for the game) please check out Positron's profile on Greenlight:

A few of my indie friends have also posted some of their great games so please check out those too:

Gears of Glory: Apex Ace

Little Racers STREET


I'm looking forward to releasing Positron very soon and hope to be able to include Steam as an official distribution platform to help reach the maximum number of potential new players for the game.

[Further information for Press: Retroburn Game Studios]
Retroburn Game Studios Ltd are based in Wakefield, England. Their Director and Founder, Martin Caine, works as the sole programmer for the company in his spare time while having a 9-5 job and a family to look after. Together with a creative team made up of hobbyists, students and part time contributors he has worked over the last 3 years to create a number of interesting game prototypes which are now being fully realized and are planned for release throughout 2012 and 2013.

[Further information for Press: Positron]
Race your way through a number of unique and varied digital landscapes in this fast paced racing puzzler. Featuring more than 50 levels spanning 3 game modes there are plenty of challenges to beat!

The game features 3 unique game modes which offer a number of challenges:

Based on the classic Arcade games this mode sees you battling against enemy vehicles that are trying to destroy you by forcing you to crash in to their trails or in to the arena's walls. It is your goal to do the same to these enemies and remove them from the arena. Featuring 12 unique arena designs and layouts the levels progressively get more intricate and more difficult to navigate while also offering more opportunities to take out your enemies.

Your only goal in maze mode is to reach the end of an intricate maze laid out in the arena. There are no enemies to deal with and your only goal is to reach the exit as quickly as possible. Once you have memorized the path to the exit it is then your goal to complete the maze without crashing even a single time and to share your fastest times with the online community. The maze mode offers 3 difficulty levels, each featuring 12 levels with increasingly complicated mazes to complete.

Somewhat similar to maze mode, in race mode you must complete laps of a circuit laid out in the arena. The trick is however to avoid hitting your own trail (and the arena walls) on subsequent laps of the tracks! This mode features 12 levels of increasing complexity making navigation more difficult as you progress. Ultimately your goal is to complete the required number of laps as quickly as possible and share your fastest times with the online community.

Positron is being developed for a wide range of platforms with releases set to span the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2012. The current list of supported platforms includes: PlayStation Mobile, Xbox Live Indie Games, PC, Mac, Linux, Windows Phone 7, Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook and Facebook (Flash 11).
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