Positron coming to Play Blackpool

May 2nd 2014

With Positron now Greenlit I'm preparing the game to be published to Steam and are pushing ahead with the mobile version for Android and iOS releases soon too.

Some recent videos can be found on my YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/retroburngames

I started development of the game back in early 2012, it was originally intended to me a quick project, an idea sparked by Tron Legacy and a notable lack of quality in most of the Tron inspired games that are out there on PC and mobile platforms.

I enlisted help from creative people to help produce a soundtrack, cover art, game logo, and bike models for me, and I quickly had a prototype knocked together, handling all the design and programming work myself in my spare time alongside my 9-5 job and having three kids too.

Not long after getting the prototype built I was hired by a local game studio TickTock Games as a senior programmer. During my two years at TickTock I've worked on a number of titles of which I'm very proud, including Worms 2: Armageddon (Android), Superfrog HD (Steam and now iOS), and Burn Zombie Burn (Android and Fire TV).

Work on Positron proceeded slowly throughout all this time, trying to find an hour here or there to work on it and develop it further seemed harder and harder. I've had numerous people play the game over the past two years and everyone asks the same question, 'when is it going to be released?'. They see the game I'm showing them and think it's release ready, but I see the limited demos as only a subset of what the full game will offer, and that's what I've been working on more recently.

I signed up to exhibit at a few events and have recently had a lot more people play the game. The overall feedback is very positive and some people have given me some great ideas for slight improvements too. It's also pushed me to try and sneak in a couple of extra hours when I can to finally get it finished.

I exhibited at Update Show [http://updateshow.co.uk] in Manchester in the middle of April, it was a great experience and it was the first public demo of the game in quite some time. At the show I was handing out cards to people offering them a chance to win a free key if they commented on the Greenlight campaign and voted. To my absolute surprise, 3 days later, I was Greenlit. I was expecting it to take at least another month, or more!

Then a week later I showed the game to a group of fellow game developers at the local game-dev-meetup we have in Yorkshire organised by Ga-Ma-Yo (http://ga-ma-yo.com) and got more feedback and a lot more people asking me that same question again!

Now, this coming weekend I'll be exhibiting at Play Expo in Blackpool [http://www.playblackpool.com/] which will be the last public demo of the game before it is released. I'm trying my best to get the last few remaining bugs fixed and tweaks made to the UI so I'm happy with it and can get it submitted for Steam, Google Play, and the App Store.

If you're coming to Play Blackpool this weekend please come and say Hi, have a play of the game and let me know what you think!

You can also still be in with a chance of winning a free copy of the game on Steam if you comment on my Greenlight campaign before I publish, so check out positrongame.com ;-)
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