PlayStation Suite Open Beta Launch

April 19th 2012

I've literally just received an email from Sony informing me that the PlayStation Suite (or PS Suite) Open Beta has officially launched today.

The PS Suite is an SDK that allows rapid development and deployment across all PS certified devices. This includes PS Vita, Xperia smartphones and Sony tablets.

I've been using the Closed Beta of the PS Suite SDK since it was launched at the end of 2011 but the number one feature we've all been waiting for is the ability to deploy to our PS Vitas!

With the 0.98 release of the SDK and the Open Beta Sony are now allowing anyone to download the SDK and have a go at developing games for their PS devices, and now includes support for deploying builds to PS Vita.

The SDK itself is based on C# and runs on top of a mono runtime which cross compiles for all PS Certified devices. A single binary is distributed and is expected to operate correctly on each device. This means supporting gamepads and buttons when available and using features specific to each device whenever possible to enhance the user experience.

I ported Positron over to PS Suite soon after I gained access to the Closed Beta. The migration from XNA to PS Suite was very simple and it looks like Sony has taken a lot from Microsoft's efforts with XNA to produce a high level easy access SDK which enables extremely rapid development. The only downside as I see it is how the SDK is integrated in to MonoDevelop. No offense to the developers of MonoDevelop, it's a great application which is provided entirely free of charge but I much prefer Visual Studio and rely on certain features that VS provides. The development experience could be vastly improved by integrating the PS Suite SDK with Visual Studio and it is on Sony's roadmap so hopefully won't be long before we have that.

I highly recommend all game developers to atleast download the SDK and give it a go. It includes a whole range of sample apps (Program Files\SCE\PSS\ample) which will quickly get you up to speed.

My plan now is to test out Positron across each of the PS Certified devices and get it running as best I can. I hope that once we're able to start selling our games on the PS Store that Positron will be one of the first games on there!

Please do feel free to contact me too ( if you have questions regarding the PS Suite as I have used it quite extensively (though primarily for 3D games) and would be happy to chat to anyone who's interested in the SDK.

Finally, here's the link:
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