Now developing for multiple mobile platforms

September 17th 2011

[media image left]8[/media]We've been very quiet since the initial launch of this new website but that's soon about to change! Over the past six months we have been hard at work developing our games and starting work developing new games and growing our team here at Retroburn Game Studios.

We're excited to announce that we are officially supporting most major mobile platforms including Windows Phone 7, Android (and also Xperia Play), and iOS (we're scaling our games so they perform well on older devices but make the most of the capabilities of newer devices such as the iPhone 4 and iPad 2).

We're still intending to release our games for Xbox 360 via the Indie Games channel and we're expecting to see some of our games released on PC in the near future too. We're going to be showing off some of our hard work over the coming months and will be releasing some of our games on various platforms so check back soon for further updates!
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