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July 8th 2009

It's been a little while since our last update and a lot has happened since then! We now have artists working on concepts for a further two games which we plan to fully announce at a later date and work on our first two games (See and Learn, Ultra Pool) is progressing nicely.

We have decided to spend a little extra time tweaking those first two games incorporating some features from the newly released XNA Game Studio 3.1 but hope to be releasing them on Xbox Live soon!

My daughter Willow Rose Caine was also born just 8 weeks ago so it's all-go at home, and on top of that we got the dreaded RROD on our main Xbox 360, this box is part of the first UK batch so it was bound to happen some time, luckily with some help from internet videos I've now fixed it and I'm back up and debugging our games.

Fixing an RROD

Stay tuned for more updates coming over the next few weeks.
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