Announcing new Track Builder game

June 15th 2010

First screenshot from our new track builder game First screenshot from our new track builder game Here are the first two screenhots from a little game we've been working on for the past few weeks. The premise of the game is very simple, build your own race track, set your personal bests and share your tracks and times with friends on Xbox Live! After Crash and Burn and Shadow Racers, this is the third racing game we currently have in production.

The idea for the game is one we've been thinking about for a long time but only recently while optimizing our racing engine did we decide to start putting together some stuff for the game. The TrackMania series of games are an obvious insipration to us and we also think this type of game will do well on Xbox Live Indie Games, where the users can take control of rhe game's content and share it between themselves.

The two screenshots above show an early build of the game, we have been working on the editor side of the game so far and the track in the screenshots was entirely built in-game. We've modelled a number of generic track pieces which can be rotated, flipped and all slot together to make complex multi-level tracks.

We hope to be getting the game into playtest soon and our team are still hard at work finishing the levels and vehicle models for our other racing games in the mean-time.

Stay tuned for further updates over the next few weeks.
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