Announcing collaboration with Squishy Duck Studios

September 20th 2011

[media image left]9[/media]Today we have another announcement to make regarding a collaboration with indie games developers Squishy Duck Studios.

Squishy Duck is a small indie studio founded by Jenny Peers and Andre Silva, both of whom we have had the pleasure to work with in the past. During the final year of their Games Design degree they worked together on a game called Thread Bear. The game is a fun little platformer and was built in just a few months using the UDK.

Squishy Duck approached us with the notion of redeveloping Thread Bear using our own engine for release on XBLIG and mobile platforms (most notable iPhone and iPad). We have spent the last few months working on redeveloping Thread Bear and we will soon be ready to show off the game running on each of our major supported platforms.

We are honoured to be working with Squishy Duck on this project and together we look forward to releasing Thread Bear and developing the game even further as time goes on.
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