A preview screenshot of Accelerate showing a user-created track made using just a few of the hundreds of custom track pieces available.

Creator: Martin Caine
Added: 19 Jan 2012
I have been an avid video game player since I was a young boy and I began programming on a ZX Spectrum 48k at the age of twelve. Over the years I have developed my skills and improved my knowledge to stay up to date with the latest programming languages, platforms and tools. Over the last 20 years I've used BASIC, Z80 Assembly, Visual Basic, C, C++, x86 Assembly, C#, XNA, Objective-C, Java, ActionScript, HTML5, and even more obscure languages to create games.

Game development had always been a hobby for me until June 2012 when I started working for a local game development studio (TickTock Games). Before that I worked in web development, email deliverability and online marketing. I have been working on games of my own design since early 2009 when I decided to find help from people that specialize in the audio-visual arts to bring my game ideas to life and so Retroburn Game Studios was born.

I am confident that almost any high quality game can be a success, even in the crowded App Stores and Marketplaces we have these days. I have found people in similar situations to myself to help with my game projects and together we are producing high quality games for a range of platforms including Xbox, Windows Phone, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android. All of the team are part-time, working in our free-time on these projects and each of the people below are working with me on a rev-share basis which means they will receive a percentage of any revenue made by the games they each contributed towards.

As well as being the Founder of Retroburn Game Studios, I am the Lead Programmer, Producer and Director on each and every game I make. I co-ordinate the development process and manage the teams behind each game to ensure the games reach my high quality standards and expectations.
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